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Call for Sustainable Research Software from Netherlands eScience Center

Researchers from all disciplines can submit their pre-proposal by March 16th

Published onFeb 27, 2023
Call for Sustainable Research Software from Netherlands eScience Center

The Netherlands eScience Center has issued a call for proposals for their inaugural Sustainable Software program. Successful applicants will receive support to enable the sustainability of software for research, including the engagement of eScience Center Research Software Engineers and resources to convene a substantial workshop around the proposed software project.

Researchers at Leiden University from all disciplines who are in possession of a PhD and a permanent contract are eligible to apply. Successful applicants are expected to commit a minimum of a half day per week to the project for the entirety of that project’s duration.

The Netherlands eScience Centre specifies that a proposal should meet one or more of the following objectives:

— making successful research software applicable to disciplines or research problems other than those from which the software first emerged;

— improving the accessibility of successful research software (e.g. through packaging and release, enhanced user interfaces, or research-software-as-a-service);

— enhancing the Technology Readiness Level of successful research software;

— further developing research software to support the formation of a community of researchers and developers;

— engaging in community building activities (e.g. through setting up a governance model, creating tutorials, organizing workshops or hackathons, or improving documentation).

The pre-proposal deadline for Sustainable Software 2023 is March 16th. The full proposal deadline is June 8th.

For full details on Sustainable Software 2023, and to apply to the program, please visit the eScience Center’s website.

A video recording of the information session on the Sustainable Software 2023 program can be found here.

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