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Leiden to Host NL-RSE Meeting on Software Testing

Published onMay 21, 2023
Leiden to Host NL-RSE Meeting on Software Testing

On Thursday, June 15th, from 13hr-17hr, the Centre for Digital Scholarship at the library of Leiden University will host the next meeting of the NL-RSE: Introduction to Automated Software Testing.

NL-RSE is a national community organisation that brings together people working with and creating research software. NL-RSE organises regular events to support software engineers and the development of research software as a unique and innovative field. The following is a brief summary of the forthcoming event:

Automated Testing of Scientific Software

Automated testing is crucial for preventing bugs in code, and while it's widely used in industry, it's still on the rise in research contexts. In this meetup, Daan van Vugt, founder of Ignition Computing and Afterservice, will discuss testing approaches for research software and contrast them with a perspective from the SaaS world.

Attendees will gain insights into testing strategies and tools that can streamline the development process of scientific software. After the presentation, attendees will split into focus groups to discuss language-specific challenges and participate in hands-on development of tests and CI/CD pipelines with guidance from language experts.

This NL-RSE event coincides with the Centre for Digital Scholarship’s Summer Training Week, a series of events on open publishing, research data, and research software at Leiden University.

Register for NL-RSE’s Introduction to Automated Software Testing. The event is open to all.

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