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Register Now for the Advent of Code 2023 NL Challenge!

The perfect way to infuse the holiday season with a daily dose of coding delight.

Published onNov 27, 2023
Register Now for the Advent of Code 2023 NL Challenge!

Ready to challenge and improve your programming skills by helping out Santa? Advent of Code is calling, and it's a great playground for researchers!

🎉 Dive into daily coding challenges starting December 1st (until Christmas), where each puzzle is a chance to hone your skills and think outside the box. But it's not just about coding – it's about joining a community of researchers in the Netherlands.

🚀 Connect with fellow researchers, learn, share experiences, and lend your expertise to those just starting their coding journey.

Join us for our edition of the global Advent of Code challenge and improve your programming. By registering for the challenge, you will get access to our private leaderboard and our discussion space on a private GitHub repository.

Sign up HERE and let the coding fun begin!

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