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Welcome to Infrastructures, a new Resource from RSCL

Published onDec 20, 2022
Welcome to Infrastructures, a new Resource from RSCL

Conceptions of Research Software are presently emerging and in flux. Intersecting fields such as Open Science, Research Support, and Data Management, as well as diverse disciplines of study, all provide new dimensions to understand Research Software as an area of inquiry. The Bibliography section of this website works to, among other things, chart international conversations around the development of Research Software.

At the Centre for Digital Scholarship at Leiden University, we refer to Research Software as software that is developed as an output of research projects. Such a conception recognises significant interaction and overlap with software that enables and propels research. In order to clarify terminology, we refer to the latter forms of software as Digital Infrastructure.

Digital Infrastructure refers broadly to software, sometimes referenced as tools or platforms, that form the foundation of our abilities to share or retrieve information digitally. Increasingly, academia recognises that carefully rethinking infrastructure can lead to pervasive improvements in research quality, accessibility, reusability, transparency, and openness.

Infrastructures, therefore, is a space to reflect on the digital landscape that undergirds research and develop community-led resources to support and enhance our work. This site will host articles and conversations, with capabilities for multi-media instalments and linked series, co-created by people throughout Leiden University and beyond. To join in, please reach out to Dan Rudmann, Digital Scholarship Librarian at Leiden University.

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