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Level Up! A Day of Research Software Professionalisation

23 November at the Centre for Digital Scholarship in the UBL

Published onOct 31, 2023
Level Up! A Day of Research Software Professionalisation

Research Software is gaining recognition as a primary output of research at Leiden University, across the Netherlands, and on a global scale. This shift in the research landscape opens up new possibilities and questions in regard to the work and career trajectory of people within knowledge and research organisations.

On Thursday, November 23rd, we will hold a series of meetings at the Centre for Digital Scholarship to share knowledge on Research Software professionalisation from an array of perspectives. Level Up! provides opportunity for participants to from one another and leaders in the field on how Research Software activities relate to recognition and reward.

First, we will hold a peer-to-peer session for graduate students and prospective Research Software Engineers on steps to take in preparation for going on the job market. We will discuss how to present software engineering work to potential employers, sprucing up your repo, how to seek out new opportunities, and where to find your place in academia. Members of the Research Software Community Leiden will be joined by Lieke de Boer of the Netherlands eScience Center to facilitate discussion. This meeting will be the first in a series of upcoming CAFE events for shared Research Software Development at Leiden University and include lunch.

In the afternoon, the Centre for Digital Scholarship will host the national NL-RSE for a panel discussion on ways in which institutions can foster new and diverse career paths for people who work in or with Research Software. Panel speakers will represent national efforts develop infrastructure for RSE careers and be announced shortly. More information will also be available at Professionalisation for RSEs: Where Do We Go From Here?.

More details will be available soon at this page. Research Software Professionalisation Day is made possible in collaboration with the NL-RSE, Netherlands eScience Center, Research Software Community Leiden, Centre for Digital Scholarship, and Universiteit Bibliotheken Leiden.

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