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RSCL Presents: Software Softlaunch

An event to celebrate the start of the Research Software Community Leiden - March 29, 2023 at CDS

Published onFeb 20, 2023
RSCL Presents: Software Softlaunch

What does Research Software mean (to you)?

How might Leiden University support software for research?

We will explore the answers to these questions and many more when the Research Software Community Leiden comes together for its first meeting on Wednesday, March 29, 2023.

Our agenda for this event:

  • An introduction to the Research Software Community Leiden, alongside Leiden’s commitment to support research software.

  • Presentations on work related to software and digital infrastructure by people across Leiden University.

  • Discussions on what the Research Software Community Leiden should aspire to be or do for people as it begins to take shape.

When: Wednesday, March 29th, 11.30hr - 14hr
Where: Centre for Digital Scholarship (ground floor of Universitaire Bibliotheken Leiden)
Meeting type: Casual; hop-in, hop-out
Snacks: Onigiri provided by local, family-owned establishment Tokyo Dining

Presentations and discussions by:
Bob Siegerink (LUMC)
Lieke de Boer (eScience Center)
Vincent Traag (CWST)
Kwun Hang (Adrian) Lai (CWTS)
Rutger de Jong (UBL)
Rob Goedemans & Chris Handy (FSG)
John Boy (d12n)
Dan Rudmann (CDS)

All are welcome.

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