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Welcome to the Research Software Community Leiden

A Guide for Getting Started

Published onOct 04, 2022
Welcome to the Research Software Community Leiden

What is this place?

Throughout Leiden University, people are interested in creating and utilising software as a critical component and output of research projects. The Research Software Community Leiden helps organise those individuals so that we can learn from one another, advocate for collective advances, and develop a community of practice. Our practices are supported by, and align with, broader efforts to advance FAIR and Open Science.

We use this online space to communicate with one another, broadcasting news and highlighting work that is being done across Leiden. Here we will also set up special events, trainings, discussions, and workshops.

How do I join in?

All are welcome at the Research Software Community Leiden. To join, send an email to our organiser, Dan Rudmann. As part of the community, you will be informed regularly on events to participate in, and you can help us plot out the future of research software at Leiden University.

If you would like to be listed on our People page, please inform us in the email and include any of the following elements: name, link to your page at the Leiden University website, position, a photo, and a brief 2-3 sentence bio. You can choose which of those elements you want to include, none are required.

In joining, you agree to uphold our Code of Conduct so that every member of the community can continue to feel welcome here.

Why now?

In Leiden, around the Netherlands, and across the globe, people are increasingly recognising that research should be open and accessible for all. To be open and transparent, Leiden University has, over the past few years, expanded their understanding of open research outputs to not only include a published paper, but also its underlying data. This progress has stemmed further rethinking of scholarship in light of Open Science. Considering the intertwined relationship between data and software, we realise that software as part of research projects deserves particular focus as a field to open. Additional initiatives include Recognition & Rewards, Copyright, and Citizen Science. As Leiden grows to be an innovative leader in Open Science, we work to ensure that more people at the university have a say in this pursuit.

Who is there?

The Research Software Community Leiden is an emerging group of people that includes researchers, engineers, librarians, data stewards, open science advocates, and anyone else at the university who would like to take part. You can find a regularly updated list of people involved in the community at our People page.

While the Research Software Community is maintained by the Centre for Digital Scholarship at the University Library, it is co-created by everyone involved. We invite you to help steer this ship.

Cover Photo by Ryan Hutton on Unsplash

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